Know-How: The Definitive Book on Skill & Knowledge Transfer for Occasional Trainers, Experts, Coaches & Anyone Helping Others Learn, by Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps, is for everyone with know-how capabilities they must pass on to others requiring them.

How can this be done not only by professional trainers, but also by those who find themselves in the position of “occasional trainer”? In other words, someone who, because of accumulated knowledge and experience, from lead worker or supervisor, to subject-matter specialist, experienced practitioner, or simply a more knowledgeable person than anyone else available and thrust into the trainer role. Often, somewhat lost, they may start out by telling what they know/have done, explaining things with words and pictures, demonstrating using the “Watch me, then do this,” approach or simply fumbling about intuitively.

What if there existed a clear, easy-to-read guidebook that laid out a simple-to-follow pathway? What if it provided methods and tools to organize a training plan and set of actions to turn the training challenge into a fun, interactive session right from the start? Whether you are an experienced trainer, new to training or an “occasional trainer”, Know-How delivers all this and more! Harold Stolovitch & Erica Keeps have drawn from their combined ninety years of sustained success and influence in learning and performance improvement globally and from their many previous books, especially Telling Ain’t Training, and incorporated feedback received over the years, to produce a fun, effective guide for those who find themselves in the role of trainer, tutor, guide, coach, consultant, or helpful advisor.

Each of the book’s 12 chapters focus on a single theme and are sequenced like stepping-stones to help you best transfer know-how to those who learn from you. Chapters include brief, colorful explanations, guidance, tools, activities, tangible and accessible examples of real-world applications, self-check lists, and summary exercises to reinforce your retention of key points. Know-How provides you with what you need now to quickly get people learning and up-to-speed. No fumbling, bumbling, rambling, or messing with people’s heads—this book delivers know-how to you from the very first chapter.

Praise for Know-How:

"This fun book is not just for those who find themselves cast into the role of informal, occasional trainer - it has a surprising amount of hard-hitting counsel and wisdom for those of us who have been training professionally for quite a while. The ideas, concepts, and advice will be effective no matter what content you have to convey."
- Karl M. Kapp, EdD, Professor, Instructional Technology, Bloomsburg University; Co-Author, Play to Learn

"Know-How delivers what it promises. Through vivid examples and dialogues about air conditioners, Apple watches, and corkscrews, the authors help occasional trainers discover how to translate their know-how into know-how-to."
- Allison Rossett, Professor Emerita, San Diego State University

"Having the ability to pass our knowledge and skills onto others can be the difference between success and failure. Whether you're an occasional trainer or an expert, Know-How will give you the skills to put your know-how to use!"
- Tim Slade, Award-winning freelance e-learning designer

"Stolovitch and Keeps never disappoint with the research-based guidance they provide in their writing. Know-How is chock full of steps, tips, and tricks on becoming a better occasional trainer. This is critical as we emphasize and embrace the practice of informal and social learning over more formal means of developing performance competence back on-the-job. Following it will also help improve the design and development of formal instruction!"
Guy W. Wallace, Performance Analyst and Instructional Architect, EPPIC Inc.

The Ain't Series

Telling Ain't Training - Updated, Expanded, and Enhanced

Beyond Telling Ain't Training Fieldbook

Training Ain't Performance

Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook

Order Telling Ain't Training - Updated, Expanded, and Enhanced here
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Read an interview with Telling Ain't Training - Updated, Expanded and Enhanced authors, Harold Stolovitch and Erica Keeps.

After 10 years, this best-selling book has been updated, expanded and enhanced to give readers a fresh look at what works and what doesn't in the world of training and learning. As with the original publication, this book provides an entertaining and practical tour-de-force for every trainer and performance improvement professional. It tackles the three universal and persistent questions of the profession - how do learners learn, why do learners learn, and how do you make sure the learning sticks. The authors of this interactive and provocative volume provide solid answers to these questions backed up by more than 80 years of combined real world experience and academic study. Telling Ain't Training - Updated, Expanded and Enhanced deliberately avoids the one-way communication of "telling" trainers how to be more effective. Instead, it uses an interactive approach which models the basic message of the book - that is, humans learn best through active mental engagement. The authors expect the reader to "do" something, not just read! Despite its fun and breezy tone, every concept in the book is solidly backed up by research and includes an extensive list of references and endnotes to guide readers wishing to dig more deeply into individual topics of interest. This second edition adds a new section that addresses technology and learning conceptually and provides rich examples and pragmatic considerations. The ultimate goal of the book is to offer the reader an opportunity to break through learning barriers, to separate learning myth from research-based findings, and to dispel counterproductive beliefs and practices that harm the instructional process. An absolute must read for anyone interested, entering or already involved in workplace learning.

Praise for Telling Ain't Training - Updated, Expanded, and Enhanced:

"This is the newest edition of what is becoming a classic book in the learning profession. Written in a conversational and witty manner, Telling Ain't Training is chocked full of research-affirmed and application-proven techniques you can put to use immediately."
- Dana and Jim Robinson, co-authors of Performance Consulting

"The first edition of Telling Ain't Training was a terrific contribution to trainers and educators. The new edition adds even more exciting elements. This amazing volume makes learning research so accessible, it is fun to read. A must-have for anyone who cares about building learning and performance effectively." - Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, Resident Mad Scientist, The Thiagi Group and best-selling author

"Harold and Erica, thanks so much for this rigorously written book. It is filled with practical tips and information that definitely meets today's workforce development needs. I would recommend it to all managers as a fundamental guide for helping their teams deal with the realities of continuous change. You have certainly changed my way of looking at learning. Congratulations! Mission accomplished." - Marie-Pascale Gagnon, General Manager, People & Organization Support - Canada, Rio Tinto

"It is a rare pleasure to have so much useful, research-based information available in a broad, yet comprehensible, volume. Anyone interested in improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of training, whether at school or work, private industry or government, can do no better than to have Telling Ain't Training at hand." - Steven J. Condly, Research Psychologist, United States Military Academy at West Point

"A brilliantly accessible guide to developing training that works! This book brings the best of current academic thought to the practitioner in a conversational, practical and usable format. The "end notes" are a phenomenal resource for anyone who wants to dig deeper. Simply superb." - Bonnie Beresford, Vice President, Client Services, Capital Analytics

"I've been recommending this book for years to my staff, my students, and friends who work for non-profits. It's the most accurate and easy-to-read book for anyone who wants to help someone learn. The new section on technology is especially helpful for those of us involved in online learning. And my doctoral students will love this updated version with over 300 references." - Petti Van Rekom, Professor, Training and Performance Improvement, Capella University, Director of Online Learning, Iowa Writers Online

"It is hard to improve on their original, wonderful, training guide, but Stolovitch and Keeps have managed to do just that. This edition of Telling Ain't Training identifies changes organizations must make to meet modern workplace skill and knowledge improvement challenges. The Endnotes are exceptional. What a treasure trove of scientific and professional resources for additional research and reading! Telling Ain't Training is an essential resource for trainers." - Connie Denicola, Instructor Development Manager, National Center for Biomedical Research and Training

ASTD Press - ISBN9781562867010

Order Beyond Telling Ain't Training Fieldbook here
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Since its publication, Telling Ain’t Training and its enthusiastic and entertaining authors have gained a popularity no one could have predicted. Readers and audiences around the world have taken to heart the book’s central admonition to be “learner advocates” who seek to “transform learners” not merely transmit information. In packed conference rooms, in sold-out Telling Ain’t Training mini-conferences and workshops, and through the sale of thousands of copies of the book, Harold and Erica have built a following of “fans” who have wanted more. The Beyond Telling Ain’t Training Fieldbook is the answer to these many requests to provide a practical guide to help individuals and their organizations fully implement the powerful principles in Telling Ain’t Training. Beyond Telling Ain’t Training provides readers with concrete actions and support materials to help transform telling to training. You will find useful worksheets, assessments, tools and advice that will enable you and your organization to realize the true value of workplace learning. Like the original book, readers will recognize the easy-to-read, breezy writing style and icons designed to help in the learning journey. In addition, the book contains a CD-ROM with all the worksheets and tools you need to start transforming learning in your organization today!

Read a review of this publication originally published in T+D.

Praise for Beyond Telling Ain't Training Fieldbook:

"This book is the perfect tool to help organizations fight inertia in their "training" departments. Plant your dog-eared copy on a manager's desk and roll up your sleeves. Better yet, buy them their own copy! Be prepared to improve your performance." - Carol Goldsmith, Program Manager for Global Learning Process Workforce Development, Hewlett-Packard.

"Harold and Erica always seem to know what tools I need to improve the skills and knowledge of my training staff. My team has read their previous book. Now they have additional tools and specific actions to be even more effective trainers." - Petti Van Rekom, Ed.D, CPT, Regional Training and Development Manager, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

"The consummate practioners have done it again. Stolovitch and Keeps offer trainers, managers and designers a hard-hitting, practical guide for turning ho-hum training into learner-centric, performance-based learning of which you can be proud. Loaded with examples and tools you can use today." - Bonnie Beresford, Senior Vice President, Training Technologies, BBDO Detroit.

"Anyone interested in improving the performance of their workforce now has a complete set of tools to do so. Combining the highly entertaining and informative Telling Ain't Training with the Beyond Telling Ain't Training Fieldbook provides the HR professional with both the rationale and the means for making significant, necessary changes in their organizations." - Miki Lane, CPT, Senior Partner, MVM Communications.

ASTD Press - ISBN1562864023

Order Training Ain't Performance here
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Telling Ain't Training has become a best-selling classic since its release. Now, this wildly popular book has an equally whimsical, entertaining, and solidly written companion book, Training Ain't Performance, that takes on the subject of human performance. From its first chapter, "Show me the Money," to its concluding chapter "Hit or Myth: Separating Fact from Workplace Performance Fiction," readers are gently guided toward an understanding of human performance improvement and how to use it for real organizational value. Readers are not only introduced to key performance concepts including why training is often not the only answer, but also how to realistically transition from a "training order taker to a performance consultant.” In addition to this practical advice, this book contains a "cornucopia" of performance interventions along with help on the day-to-day work of a performance consultant plus demonstrating ROI for performance interventions.

Read a review of this publication originally published in T+D.

Read a review of this publication originally published in The Canadian Learning Journal.

Read a two-part interview with the authors originally published in ASTD Links.

Praise for Training Ain't Performance:

"Stolovitch and Keeps use a refreshing writing style to blend research and experience in ways that make practical application leap off the pages. I highly recommend Training Ain't Performance for trainers, HR professionals, front-line managers and executives. It is a must read for anyone who wants to cut through the fog of learning and performance to make a real difference in their organization." - Marc J. Rosenberg, Ph.D., CPT, Consultant, Marc Rosenberg and Associates, and author of E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age.

"Finally a book that clearly explains what a performance improvement consultant does! I have struggled with this for years. Harold and Erica have clearly nailed it. This is even better than Telling Ain't Training - now you get the full picture of what it takes to improve employee performance. Read it and get to work!" - Petti Van Rekom, Ed.D, CPT, Regional Training and Development Manager, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

"In their highly readable and interactive style, Stolovitch and Keeps tackle the concept of performance in the same way that they tackled concepts about training in their best-seller Telling Ain't Training. Their discussion of performance is the clearest and most understandable that I've seen and, in the process, help trainers view themselves in the role of performance consultants. Like Stolovitch and Keeps' other books, this one, too, is destined to become another classic and best-seller." - Saul Carliner, Assistant Professor, Educational Technology, Concordia University.

"This book challenges the traditional approaches to training and improving performance in the workplace. Through numerous practical exercises, examples and valuable insights, it clearly explains how organizations can achieve the highest return from their training investments." -
Dr. Sylvie Vanasse, Managing Consultant, BCS Learning & Development, IBM Business Consulting Services.

"Erica and Harold have 'connected the dots' for us. Everything in this book is practical, engaging, and, most importantly, will help you be successful! You can't miss! They have captured the essence of training vs. performance differentiation. Through a series of practical, step-by-step, engaging cases, you learn the fundamentals of performance diagnosis and associated solutions." - Charline Wells, CPT, Program Manager, Corporate Education, Development and Training, Sandia National Laboratories.

ASTD/ISPI Publication - ISBN1562863673

Order Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook here
(ATD members will receive a discount)

Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook provides a clear and concise roadmap for anyone wishing to implement human performance principles in their organization. It is a direct answer to fans of the 2004 best-selling, award-winning book, Training Ain't Performance, who asked for implementation guidance in the same whimsical, informative, and entertaining format as the original book. There are useful worksheets and assessments, tools and practical advice that will speed your organization toward realizing the value of a performance approach. To make your job even easier, the book includes a CD-ROM with all the needed worksheets and tools to get you started today!

Praise for Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook:

"The strengths of Beyond Training Ain't Performance lie in the authors' clear conception of what it takes to be an external or internal performance consultant. They lay out all of the necessary skills and provide many examples of them put into action. They also realize that it is an individual who will be reading this book and demonstrate how this individual can take the knowledge and skills from the book to activate their team in performance consultancy processes."- Miki Lane, CPT, Senior Partner, MVM Communications.

"Rare is the book that is written especially for you, yet Stolovitch and Keeps have crafted a volume that will convince you that it was so. For the learning and performance improvement practitioner, Beyond Training Ain't Performance will lift you up - and quickly - to a new level of professionalism and confidence, giving you every tool and insight you need to be a success."
- Paul Flynn, Senior Manager, Performance Improvement, Retail Performance Solutions, BBDO Detroit.

"Stolovitch and Keeps provide a treasure chest filled with practical tools and templates to transform your organization! Their engaging and personal style makes it easy to translate complex performance improvement theories into an actionable framework." - Alysa Parks, Director, Learning and Development, CDW Corporation.

"This fieldbook is a wonderful companion to Training Ain't Performance. The examples and worksheets not only further illustrate concepts in the companion book, but also provide performance improvement professionals with tools they can use to effectively perform their jobs. As a practitioner, I found the worksheets and templates for the various deliverables required in performance consulting, as well as the chapter on working with clients, to be especially useful. As an academic, I thought the summaries of the various HPT models, such as Harless' PIP and Front-End Analysis, Rummler and Brache's Nine Performance Variables, and Gilbert's Human Engineering Model to be especially useful for students. I'll use this as a textbook and keep a copy for my personal library." - Saul Carliner, Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Educational Technology, Concordia University.

"Harold and Erica have done it again. This book literally goes beyond Training Ain't Performance by giving you practical tools, techniques and guidelines that you can use to become better as a performance consultant. This is a 'must have'book for anyone in Training and Development or Human Resources." - Jim and Dana Robinson, Authors of Performance Consulting and Strategic Business Partner books.

"If Training Ain't Performance is your roadmap to performance improvement, Beyond Training Ain't Performance is your toolkit for getting there. Harold Stolovitch and Erica Keeps provide a treasure of a book that enables individual and organizational performance improvement strategies to be successfully implemented in any size enterprise. Everyone, from training and HR practitioners to frontline managers and executives will find this rich array of proven approaches and resources to be immensely valuable and extraordinarily practical." - Marc J. Rosenberg, Ph.D., CPT, Author of Beyond E-Learning: Approaches and Technologies to Enhance Organizational Knowledge, Learning and Performance.

ASTD Press - ISBN1562864076

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